WEBINAR: Scenario Planning for Coronavirus & Future Disruptions

March 16th 2020

Future Shock is Here. COVID-19 disruption is a signal from the future that It is time to change.

Futurists are not in the prediction game. We are in the preparation game. Preparation means you need to prepare for all eventualities. While this may sound 'doomsday prepper'-like, entertaining both coronavirus dystopias as well as ideal future utopias should be part of every strategist's mental tool kit.

In order for you to decode the changes and megatrends that are / will be shaping the new 2020s decade and influence your business and life, you must create a scenario plan. Look ahead to the future horizon and equip yourself with the thinking tools to cope with the exponential changes that can (and are) affect(ing) you, your life and your brand. Failure to understand and scenario plan for exponential changes like the spread of COVID-19 (and viral / non-viral transformations), can seriously disrupt your ability to survive and thrive in Tomorrowland. 

Join us in this complimentary Corona Strategy Webinar with author of After Shock - global futurist Anders Sorman-Nilsson -  who advises health care clients like NSW Health, Lilly, Gilead, Johnson & Johnson, and ResMed and leading tech advisors like McKinsey, Gartner, and Microsoft, where he will outline a strategic thinking method for innovation and risk mitigation in the face of COVID-19 - for both this viral disruption and the beyond-tomorrow trends (as well as what we can learn from the "prepper community" when it comes to dealing with systemic risk...)

In this Corona Strategy webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Create alternative future worlds so that you can withstand the current Corona and future shock(s)
  • Identify the most disruptive sociocultural, technological, economic, environmental and political (STEEP factor) drivers of change including how to respond to Coronavirus and its business impacts in the near and long term future
  • How to respond calmly and effectively and use the current climate for innovation and resilience

Register for this Webinar:
24th of March, 2020 at 10 AM AEDT

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