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What does the Future of Payments Commerce look like? Might it be #Seamless?

Are Australians willing to embrace biometrics, retina scans, and seamless payments in the future of retail & commerce? Tune into #futurist Anders Sörman-Nilsson's futurist musings as he is interviewed on Sky News Business' #TechnologyBehindBusiness


AI & Customer Experience

Dr. Catriona Wallace has established herself as the innovative go-to expert for optimizing customer experience. As a result, she's the most natural authority to consult with when looking at ways to introduce emerging technologies into business.


The Millennial Megatrends Scaring C-Suite

There's an emerging megatrend that's scaring executives the world over. Millennials are upending business-as-usual, demanding that organisations re-shape their DNA to compete for this ever-growing market segment.


Finding the digilogue in financial services

It seems almost counter-intuitive that big-data could help financial services be more human, could connect them to the emotional needs of their customers. As banks strive to get away from their image as cold, unfeeling entities, the truly future-proof fintech thinkers are looking beyond demographics to solve the problem of a digital entity trying to understand the analog heart.



Worldwide we are seeing how Millennials are reshaping the workplace. In many countries across the world millennials are surpassing GenXers as the largest generation in the workforce. One of the countries where we have seen dramatic changes during the last 10 years is Canada. 


5 White Collar Jobs at Risk of Disruption

If you regularly follow some of my futurist musings you can probably tell that one of the areas that fascinates me the most is how technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, Virtual Reality and Robotics will shape the future of work. In this post I'll give you an example of 5 white collar jobs that are at risk of being computerised in the near future.


Energise Yourself To Sell

If we're going to kick start the year and kick start the team we need to make sure we're not just managing our team but we're also managing our energy. In this video-clip, 'Hall of Fame' speaker Lisa McInnes-Smith has some dynamite advice to enable sales teams.


What is 'The New Possible' in the Gig Economy?

There can be absolutely no denying it, the way that the world works, relates, spends and saves money has fundamentally changed. This represents a huge opportunity for banks, financial services and anyone in the customer service space to start designing for the future. In this video-clip banking innovator, cofounder and president of Moven, Alex Sion introduces the 'new possible'. It's time to design a new North... are you ready?


Financial Services; Curb the Fear and Innovate!

Scott Bales is a leading tech innovator. This video-clip covers one of the ideas at the heart behind Scott's newest book Innovation Wars: Unlocking the Secrets of Corporate Innovation.

How do banks and financial services break through the 'fear barrier' to design innovative products and services... and survive?


Five strategies to Make Your Event The Most Memorable

Amanda Stevens shares five strategies that can be added or dovetailed into your existing approach for your next event to extend the experience beyond the conference room and turn your client into a raving fan for your business.


My Secret Ingredients To Create Brand Hysteria!

After starting out of the trunk of a car in 2001, Johnny Cupcakes has grown to be an exclusive, international t-shirt brand with "faux-bakeries" in Boston, London and Los Angeles and pop-up shops around the world. Over the past 10 years, an inspiring community of collectors has formed, prompting customers to camp outside the stores for up to two weeks for limited edition product releases, while thousands around the world have inked themselves with Johnny Cupcakes tattoos.

But it wasn't an easy road! Here I want to share with you just a few ways in which I have been able to create hysteria around my brand so that you can take away some pointers on how to replicate this in your teams, businesses and lives.


Matter: Move Beyond The Competition To Become The Obvious Choice

Peter Sheahan is a best-selling author and internationally recognised thought leader on innovation and behaviour change. His latest research addresses the burning question posed by leading organisations throughout the world. How do you create a company that matters?

In this video, Pete introduces us to his forthcoming book - Matter: Move beyond the competition, create value and become the obvious choice. This game-changing work provides a workable blueprint to find your edge of disruption and become the obvious choice in the hearts and minds of your customers.

Visiting Australia in 2016, Pete is available to speak across the country from February the 11th - 17th.


The 1% Changes To MAKE Your Business

An excerpt from her soon-to-be released book, Turning Clients into Advocates, Amanda Stevens brings us 7 key ways to engage your customers and turn them into brand advocates.

Technology is rapidly changing the way we do business. It’s shifting the way we communicate, the way we travel and the way brands are marketed. It’s dramatically altering the way today’s consumer interacts with their favourite brands, the way they shop and the way they form brand loyalty. 


Ode To Two Million Lives So Far!

When you drop a pebble in a pond the effect ripples out to the rest of the water, in the events industry the experiences we create are that pebble. It can be easy to forget, between meetings and briefs, that we are in the business of inspiring people - but we are, and it's a huge priviledge to be able to share the effect of these events with you.


Decode Your Consumers

The sales game has changed beyond recognition - and if the last ten years have brought such dramatic shifts, then we can only imagine what's in store.


Lead Yourself!

The words we say to ourselves are so much powerful than the words we will ever hear from other people, so why is it so hard for us women to be kind to ourselves?


How to Stage a Grander Opening

Don't just open for business. Throw a party your customers will remember.

Pick An Optimal Time

Weekends and evenings are best, because people don't have to rush from work. Don't open your doors at the same hour as everyone else. On weekends, wait until early afternoon. That gives you greater opportunity to pass out fliers and stir excitement on the street. Also, fewer hours adds a kind of limited-edition urgency to the experience.

Read the rest on


How To Ask For The Business

My mentor used to say to me, “Closing the business is the difference between being a good salesperson and a good conversationalist!” When you are working in the events industry you are faced with a huge amount of competition.

With the business climate as it is today, it is more important than ever that people are learning to develop their skills in closing business. So many event managers are afraid to ASK for the business. Many believe they will be seen as pushy and feel uncomfortable in asking the question. Many of us shy away from ever acknowledging the sales side of the job to begin with. This group believes that by simply “servicing” their clients, new business will take care of itself.


The Biggest Tech Shifts In Banking!

Brett King is a globally renowned speaker and expert on shifting trends in banking. Technology & IT trends are the two biggest disruptors in finance, and the shifting demands of consumers is ensuring that further evolution in how banks interact with their stakeholders, via websites, apps and wearable tech, is absolutely vital for their survival.

In this blog post, Brett outlines the ways in which banks will need to evolve their IT / technology strategy to ensure they keep their customers engaged.

In 5 Years, 50% of revenue will be digital but where’s the revenue going to come from?


How To Market Like A Thought Leader

Thought Leadership Marketing, the strategy of creating informative and interesting content to better engage customers and drive loyalty has quickly moved from a niche term to a 'must have' strategy for both B2B and B2C companies.

In fact, latest studies show that incorporating thought leadership marketing into their broader strategy is now the top priority for marketing professionals (34.8% of respondents) up from 18.9%. According to another study, 91% of B2B marketers now use thought leadership marketing.


Pharmaceutical Selling With Impact!

Having trained pharmaceutical salespeople extensively over the last ten years, I have spent a lot of time going on appointments with them.  In that time, I have seen some amazing value adding product presentations.  I have also seen salespeople who snuck up and down corridors trying to avoid the receptionist/gatekeeper who would throw them out.  


Telcos Are The New Banks

Everywhere you look right now, there are carriers trying to muscle in on the mobile wallet and payments space and rightly so. There are already a plethera of mobile carriers fully engaged in mobile payments right now, from Safaricom in Kenya, Orange (with Barclays) in the UK, the list goes on.


The Big Hang-Up!

My first job out of university was taking complaints for Telstra. I joined the company about a month before Optus joined the market and within 6 months of joining I had been made supervisor - such was the rate of attrition under a barrage from customers who had an alternative for the first time in Australian history.


The Death Of Credit Card Points

The core problem with credit cards today for consumers is that they are fundamentally designed to encourage spending, in order to generate revenue for card companies and issuing banks. While debit cards are marginally better for consumers on an interest rate perspective, the lack of visibility on spend and overdraft fees means that in the US the average consumer pays $225.00 in fees per year[4] on a debit card/checking account – that includes all those “free” checking accounts, which are anything but!


Driving Human Innovation In Banking

Drive Innovation In Banking

How increasing humanity in the financial sector is key

I was recently fortunate enough to be speaking at the Business Banking Innovation awards hosted by Australian Financial Publications and what struck me was how innovative the big four banks, traditionally portrayed as slow moving, actually are.


Don’t Sell the Destination, Sell the Traveller

The travel industry is like most industries in that it is incredibly inwardly focused in terms of sales, marketing and even in terms of its leadership and cultural development. Which is not to single the industry out for criticism, more to note that it shares a common problem faced by most business leaders.

So what does that look like and more importantly what does it mean?



I'm 30,000 feet in the air. I am currently west of Chicago en route from JFK to LAX.

Because I was delayed from JFK and have a connection in LAX to Sydney, which I could well miss, I am nervously following our progress on, which is tracking AA181 live.

I am browsing the web from 30,000 feet on ... live.


One simple trick to increased influence in retail

Chris Helder is one of the world's leading experts on influence - and how you can use it in day to day life to improve your business.

In this episode of Chris' Tools of Influence eVideo series, available via your ODE Management consultant, you'll learn an incredible technique perfect for managers and salespeople who need others to take action!


Are you close enough to your customers?

This week a major milestone was achieved by Tesla, the electric car company.

In California, they became the third biggest selling luxury car, behind only the Mercedes E Class and the BMW 5 Series.

That's an extraordinary achievement for a brand that didn't even exist a few years ago.

How did they do it?


Reviving retail – how smart retail brands are winning in the digital age

It is harder to make a dollar in retail today than ever before. Recent years have seen the retail sector buffeted by a series of fierce and disruptive headwinds.

Indicative of this fact, consider the raft of retail brands such as Payless Shoes and Borders that have had little alternative than to file for bankruptcy as the going has gotten tough.

While a combination of factors have contributed to the woes of retailers, it is perhaps the ever-growing threat of technology and online competition that has had the greatest impact.


True Retail Colours

Why Do Customers Buy From You?


Reviving Retail – How Smart Retail Brands Are Winning In The Digital Age

It is harder make a buck in retail today than ever before. Recent years have seen the retail sector buffeted by a series of fierce and disruptive headwinds.


Breaking down the E-Wall

Because the digital age has created a virtual electronic wall (E-WALL) in which our clients can now hide behind, the pattern of communication has become less about face to face. It is acceptable to do business via e-mail. We all need to embrace the digital age as it has provided our world with an unprecedented level of access to communication at the touch of a button, but face to face selling skills have not become redundant. In fact they are more important than ever if we are to learn how to BREAK DOWN THE E-WALL. This is about selling in the new reality.


Communicating Isn’t that Simple

One might be tempted to assume that anyone who works in telecommunications is a pretty good communicator because, after all, that is what you do; you help people communicate. But communication – even before Wi-Fi, twitter and smartphones- has never been simple.


Digilogue: Connecting with Digital Minds and Analogue Hearts

As some organisations careen recklessly into the digital future and others are left behind by remaining steeped in the ways of old, thought leaders are coming to realise there is an important middle ground. Most often that’s where your customers and clients want you to be, the place where digital and analogue converge – the ‘digilogue’. In the digilogue it is understood that digital satisfies a customer’s mind while analogue soothes the heart.


Selling in the new reality: Breaking down the E-Wall

Business is different in the new reality

The way that business and sales are done today is different. Business and brands are embracing the digital age and are using online tools and social media more than ever to promote and sell. We live in a world where decision makers are online and contactable 24.7. Being "out of the office" means nothing as workers adjust to engaging in a new era of work/life balance. So why then has the ability to close a sale become harder? Why have the timelines to get a contract signed stretched out?


Why You're Probably Selling Backwards

For years, sales theory has promoted the idea of selling features and associated benefits, of looking for what's unique in your product or service, and using that as a wedge to open up the sale by demonstrating how you can make the prospect's life easier, more productive, or even sexier!

The next step, we were told, was to systematically remove obstacles to the sale and "always be closing". Some sales people managed to do this with humanity and charm, but for the most part, it's an aggressive process based on proving a resistant prospect wrong (That'll get them on side).


How to use mobile technology to increase financial services CRM

Using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets is one of the main ways that upscale financial services companies can increase customer interaction and build loyalty.

Affluent consumers, more than anyone else, expect to interact with their financial services representatives both in-person and not via with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Providing a comprehensive and consistent mobile strategy for consumers will help to increase brand loyalty.

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