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Inspiring Women In Business – Rising to the top + Bumps along the way

In this motivational speech technology futurist Shara Evans shares her inspiring personal story of how she became a business leader and globally renowned futurist — whilst overcoming personal challenges that would have been viewed as impossible barriers by most.



As International Women's Day approaches for the events industry our minds have turned to what it means to be a woman in the modern business world. 


Ode To Amazing Events

Where does the time go? Anyone who has ever planned an event knows that it's often the tasks that were only supposed to take five minutes that end up taking eons and draining the budget dry!


Lead Yourself!

The words we say to ourselves are so much powerful than the words we will ever hear from other people, so why is it so hard for us women to be kind to ourselves?


Argue And Win

Arguments are never good, right? They should be avoided at all costs, right? Absolutely not! 

The art of arguing in a constructive way defines a healthy relationship, be that romantic or professional. The key to creating an argument that leads to positive outcomes is surprisingly simple, you need to think about what the other person is trying to say and what they are hoping to achieve. Or, in other words, you need to think 'selfish'.


Woman Power!

When your office is a war zone, leadership and teamwork skills can save your life. Here, peacekeeper, survivor and all-around war heroine Matina Jewell speaks with Latte Magazine about learning to fight back through the toughest environment on earth.

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